the photography is an illusion...

"La fotografía es una ilusión de la realidad con la que creamos nuestro propio mundo privado"
"The photography is an illusion of reality with wich we create our own private world"

Arnold Newman

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Kris_R dijo...

I was afraid that your “old blog” would disappear forever. When I had opened it a few days ago, I could read only sentence: “Sorry, the blog has been removed”. It grieved me a little to read such information, because I felt a great fondness for it. But as always you like to surprise, and give a pleasure. Your blog returns to the other “virtual location”, with excellent, unique personality and style, graphically beautiful. It impress with creative approaches and also pay close attention to the finest design details.
Last blog updating… well… too much photos to comment :-) ;-) – all are marvelous!
You have built some kind of nice bridge between the content and their presentation.

kiko esperilla dijo...

No conocía tu blog, Jesús y ha sido una grata sorpresa. Me gusta tu trabajo